Click: An Online Love Story by Lisa Becker

You Gotta Read This Book!

Click: An Online Love Story by Lisa Becker

Click is a witty, witty read. Lisa Becker takes four unlikely friends on one’s journey through internet dating. Tired of the traditional dating scene, Renee allows friend Mark to convince her to sign up for an online dating service. Through “Choose Jews” Renee meets a menagerie of men including a cyber stalker, a serial texter, and  great guy who just might be the one.  Click is told entirely through emails back and forth between the friends. I admit to skimming over the to/from section (at the beginning of each email) to get to the best part. At times I lost my place and had to back track. My fault or the author’s? Mine. Definitely mine.

Lisa has a great handle on the voices of her characters which is a commendable feat considering no one actual speaks. But even through their emails, they come alive—Mark’s compulsive, Renee’s got a low self-esteem, Ashley is a goody-goody (though she’s incredibly likeable), and Shelley’s a…well, Shelley’s a slut. 🙂 And all of them quickly became my friends as I rooted for Ashley and her impossible relationship with boyfriend Evan, laughed at the nicknames Shelley gave her conquests, and rolled my eyes with a smile on my face as Mark complied list after list and did his research on EVERYTHING! lol And Renee? I was behind Renee all the way, hoping and praying that she might actually come out on top in this crazy dating scene.

Click is humorous, well-written, and an enjoyable read. Kudos to Lisa Becker for a unique idea that so clearly shows the sign of the times–internet dating—in this era of computers.

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