Jezebel’s Wish by AJ Nuest

You Gotta Read This Book!

Jezebel’s Wish by AJ Nuest

Jezebel’s Wish, by AJ Nuest is a MUST read! Tormented by the death of her fiance, Jezzy escapes her city life to hideout in the country at her mother’s newly purchased horse ranch. But all the baggage Jezzy wanted to leave behind follows her. Goaded into riding lessons by her mother and sister, Jezzy comes to know The Reverend, a stallion who remarkably gets her to open up to her hidden heartbreak.

Enter the handsome vet and teacher of said riding lessons. Somehow Matthais Saunders knows exactly what Jezzy needs, even if she can’t see it for herself. But the closer she and Matty get, the more Jezzy believes she’s no good for him. And so the question becomes, can she forgive herself for past mistakes or will she push Matty away forever?

AJ has created memorable characters that will wrench at your heart until you give it to them. Matty has to be the most wonderful man in the world. Patient and kind, he’s what every tormented heroine needs. Heartbroken Jezzy can be rough at times, fighting those who are trying to help her like a wounded dog snaps at his rescuer.

But all in good time, dear reader. Hang in there with Jezzy. I promise AJ will make it worth the while!

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