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Until the End of Forever by Shannon Hart

♥You Gotta Read This Book♥

Sarah Matthews life is so perfect one wonders why she would feel the need to travel to Paris for three weeks to try and find herself. But Sarah doesn’t find herself in France, she finds that she left herself behind. And what started as a trip to get away nearly destroys her marriage as she and her husband, Rob, deal with the trials and triumphs after her return.

Told in first person and in both Rob and Sarah’s point of view, Until the End of Forever is a poignant story of two people–a beautiful couple–who’ve lost their way. Shannon Hart does a fabulous job delving into the emotions of her characters. The story showcases the ‘what would happen if?’ with a couple who seems to have it all.

Until the End of Forever is emotional, real, charming, all at the same time. It’s definitely on my “You gotta Read This Book” List.

Want to know more? head over to for my interview with Shannon.

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Rock Star’s Girl–by J. F. Kristin

♥You Gotta Read This Book♥

Emily Watts is about as average as an LA girl can be. She works, she hangs out with her friends, and she goes out on the weekends. But suddenly her life is turned on its ear when she becomes a media sensation overnight–literally. Dating should never be this hazardous, but it certainly becomes something to avoid as Emily gets caught in the media crossfire between her new rock star boyfriend and her good male friend who also happens to be a member of an up-and-coming band.

As the men start to manipulate her life, Emily has to get smart and learn a few tricks of her own in order to survive (and to protect her business). But life’s lessons are hard learned as Emily struggles to keep her web business afloat, her freelance projects viable, and her personal life in check.

Rock Star’s Girl is a crazy roller coaster of a ride of Emily’s life–personal and otherwise. Ms. Kristen does a remarkable job giving us candid insight of the social media frenzy that can start overnight and end just as suddenly. Emily is beautiful, smart, and savvy, but could be any one of us–ordinary girl turned web sensation all by association. But my favorite part is Emily herself, who suffers through verbal abuse from strangers, loss of friends and freedom, and somehow manages to get her life back on track with dignity and grace. Kudos to you, Emily, for being the girl we all want to be!

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Twenty-eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank

♥You Gotta Read This Book♥

Rose Gardner has been under her mother’s thumb for all of her twenty-four years, and it’s really unfortunate that she picks the day her mother is murdered to finally stand up to her. But I get ahead of myself. Let me back up a bit.

The young Miss Gardner lives in a small town in Arkansas and everyone there knows she’s a bit odd. You see, she has these…visions. They’re usually benign, like someone’s dog gets out of the yard or their freezer has been accidentally unplugged. But the very worse one Rose has is about herself. And not just any vision, she imagines herself dead—bashed in the head and left to bleed all over her mother’s sofa. And the worst part of it all—she knows who’s going to kill her.

Faced with her own morality, Rose makes a list of 28 things to do before she dies. Well, 28 and a half—number 29 she leaves blank, waiting on inspiration to strike as to what the last wish should be. But then she finds her mother dead, and Rose, now free from her down-trodden existence, starts to explore her life. With the help of her neighbor, Rose starts living out her 28 wishes including, “do more with a boy.”But as she grows as a person and comes into herself, she slowly uncovers why her mother was murdered and much more about her family. And the man who’s out to kill her…well, you’ll just have to read it to find out why.

Swanks unorthodox sense of humor had me snickering page after page and out right laughing on many others. The book is clever, funny, and bright. A great read that despite an occasional serious note (oh, like murder) will leave you smiling in the end.

I have to share my favorite line from the book. Rose and her dog have gone after the bad guy (that’s all you’ll get out of me plot-wise), they get to their destination and the narrative reads, I told her (the dog) she could come but, she had to be quiet. It seemed like a stupid thing to say, but I felt the need to tell her something. We couldn’t very well synchronize watches. I stopped wearing mine when I got a cell phone.

Take this charming sense of humor and likeable characters and mix them with a plot shot with just enough adventure for our small town virgin and you have Twenty-eight and a Half Wishes, a book that should definitely be at the top of your “to be read” pile of books.

And that’s why it’s on my list– “You Gotta Read This Book!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Buy ink: