Samantha March and Destined to Fail


Jasmine Jones is ready to start her college experience. With her best friend at her side, she’s ready to leave her past behind and start anew, even if it means being away from her mother, brother, and new boyfriend, Nate. But college doesn’t turn out the way her high school best friend wants it to, and Jasmine soon finds herself without a roommate. Thankfully she’s met two new and wonderful friends to help her through. But secrets are revealed and Jasmine finds herself pregnant and helping her friends—old and new alike—in ways she never dreamed possible.

Though it started out a tad slow, Destined to Fail picked up and when it did, I understood the pacing at the beginning. A story with that much heartbreak throughout would have been hell to read even with a happy ending. All the characters are believable and likeable, even surly Abby, Jasmine’s friend from high school. The delicate situations these girls recount and face were brilliantly handled, the attitudes and conversations perfect for college-age teenagers.

At first I was a little doubtful of the pain and abuse these girls suffered. But now I feel I had something of a charmed life, and this is what others around me experienced when they were growing up. This book just goes to show that it’s impossible to know what demons others have faced even when you’re in relationships that seem close. I can only say that most of us wish we could help our friends and others, that we could make a difference in a life, the way Jasmine does.

Destined to Fail is a heartwarming book of second chances, friendships, and the power of one person to right wrongs and change their world.


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  1. Thank you for the lovely review Amie! 🙂

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