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The Bloody Mary Club by Debbie Dyke

A Fiscal Thriller Set in Historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Stock market meltdown. United States housing bubble. Global financial crisis. Chief executives cooking the books. Who can you trust for financial advice? Gina Van Story, a savvy 40ish investment advisor to the rescue. She can spot a trend on the market and jump on it like a cat. She dreams of grabbing the bull by the horns and is on the hunt for one final big score. Gina and her three best friends from the Bloody Mary Investment Club and come face-to-face with corruption in a David and Goliath struggle when their stock portfolio turns deadly…literally. Over made-to-order Bloody Mary cocktails at historic Gadsby’s Tavern, Gina takes her friends under her wing and teaches them the ins and outs of the stock market. Trouble begins when, following Gina’s bullish advice, they become majority owners in the local bank and then stubbornly turn down a lucrative buyout offer. Not only will money and greed challenge their friendship, they will have to get smart fast and figure out how to turn the tables on the charmingly seductive, yet evil, banker who wants control of their stock by any means necessary – including murder!

Author Debbie Dyke has a fun and unique voice and a definite head for figures. The Bloody Mary Club is a fun read all financial references aside. See, I don’t have a tendency toward investments and hire someone like Gina (her main character) to take care of those things for me. I have to admit that I got a little lost somewhere between the stocks and the bonds, but all in all, I loved this book. The references to her belly dancing, the passion that her instructor has and triangle between her, Johnny and Andrew is  fabulous. And the Bloody Mary Club? Well, I think we all should have friends like that. Women who will stick by you (And share a drink) even when things gets tough. So add  this one to you TBR pile, it’s a “beach read” with murder and the stock market–who could ask for more?